The Enemy Within

I just read a posting on Face Book which talked about being our own worst enemies.  Someone replied that they “are trying very hard” to not be their own worst enemy.  “What to do….?” they asked.

I would like to share what I have learned on this matter:

I would say don’t try ‘hard’.  Be gentle with yourself.  Start small…with appreciation and gratitude.  Take a walk or vacuum the carpets and appreciate that you can do these things.  Notice how your body moves, how you breathe, how you can see, how you can hear.  We are all wonderfully made!

Then learn to ‘forgive’ yourself of your perceived faults and failings.  Forgiveness is a large component of Love.  We are, each of us, a ‘work in progress’.  Keep reminding yourself of that fact.

Lastly, learn to laugh more at your own unrealistic expectations.  Learn to laugh at Life’s unexpected surprising moments.  Laughter at one’s self is one sure sign of enlightenment.

If you incorporate these good habits into your daily life, they will eventually chase away those thoughts/feelings of self criticism and self loathing that seem to plague much of humanity.