Discussion vs. Arguments

First, I would like to explain my personal preference: I enjoy any exchange of ideas because that is how I like to learn about new things. I do not enjoy arguing about anything. In my experience, arguments lead to loud voices and illogical presentations. Nothing is learned, and feelings may be hurt. Second, I am not a member of any “group-think”. I think for myself; I do not need someone else to do my thinking for me.

That being said, I recently experienced a rather unpleasant encounter when someone took great exception to an opinion that I expressed on the topic of the new dollar coin. I am not in favor of it. My opinion is just that: I’m not interested whatsoever in converting anyone to my way of thinking.

What I thought would be a discussion turned out to be a shouting match. I was, in a very short period of time, accused of being homo-phobic, verbally assaulted with all kinds of politically correct rhetoric, and accused of ‘blaming the victim’,and of having no compassion. The entire situation astounded me. It has taken some time to process what happened. I was exhausted afterwards – drained.

I learned nothing except a reluctance to express myself, ever again. And this was from one who initially cheered me on to write a ‘blog’ in the first place. I would like to point out, however, that my feelings were not hurt. My accuser is so much younger than I, and has not had my life experiences. After much thought, I am still firm in the belief that I am entitled to my opinions, as is everyone else.

So on that note: I am still not in favor of the new dollar coin, and I am not in favor of politicians marching in LGBTQ parades to “show their support”. Politicians should do their jobs by enacting and enforcing the rights of all citizens, And to the one who expressed such a low opinion of me…that’s your opinion, not mine. And that’s OK with me.

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  1. There are those that are supportive of the new trend of acceptance of all that is considered by many, as immoral, because they dont have the ability to think for themselves. This group follows what they’re told to follow in order to be politically correct. God forbid they be considered homophobic.
    I haven’t lived this many years not to know the difference between right and wrong. Nor will I ever be apathetic about my morals and standards.
    All people have the right to conduct their lives as they see fit, including me. I can and do accept what’s right or wrong for others is not necessarily the same for me. It’s wrong for me to steal from the grocery store as I can afford groceries. I cannot judge it to be wrong for a starving person in a 3rd world country to steal. So, by the same token, there’s moral issues I do judge in my life that I cannot condone.
    To parade the LGBT cause into our currency does not support the ways of the masses. The population is primarily heterosexual. Majority rules. This LGBT money is done only to buy votes. That’s the immoral part. The PM participating in the gay parade; again it is to buy votes. That’s immoral.
    I support all people to have equal rights and opportunities, but keep your bedroom activities in your bedroom, not on my money.

    1. The point of this article is the futility of arguments. The recent encounter was just an example, but nice to know that someone agrees with me anyway. Thanks for your reply. Never sure if anyone is reading these ramblings.

      1. Well, someone is. I mean, someone is reading. Me.
        Futility of arguments: you are right, but only to a point. I remember how, in a creativity course, we practised debate. Well, not exactly, we practised “débat”, as the course was given in French. A subject was chosen. Two students debated, defending oppposite points of view. Then the two students would exchange roles. After defending one point of view, each would defend the opposite one.
        I loved that exercise. I felt I was good at it.
        Saint-Exupéry: “Le langage est source de malentendus.”

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