The nature of the Ego (as I see it)

To many people the ego defines who they are.  The ego likes to think it is the ‘boss’.   However to me, the ego is nothing more than a toolbox in which reside all of our feelings –  both negative and positive.  The emotions are necessary tools that we need to spur us into action.  Therefore the ego is necessary in order for us to function in the physical world.

When I am confronted with difficult situations or difficult people, there is a quick mental exercise that I perform, in order to set my Ego aside.  This requires using my imagination.  I picture my Ego as a soft spiky ball which I hold gently.  I place this ball on a shelf in my mind.  Then I say, “I’ll be back for you later”, and I quietly close the door.  After putting the Ego aside, I then become very calm and wait for the answer or solution to come to me.  At that time, I hold no expectations and no emotions, other than Love.

This exercise has produced some of the most amazing results, even to me.

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