My friends are the flowers in the garden of my heart.  True friendship is like having an extended family – people who love and accept me exactly as I am with no judgment, people who lift me up when I’m down, people who nurture me when I feel ill, and who make me laugh a lot.

I am fortunate in my acquisition of friends – people who accept me without judgment. Through the years I have learned one important thing about the difference between love and trust. Love is a gift, freely given in the form of kindness, support and caring. Trust, on the other hand, must be earned.

I have also learned that real true friends will always defend me and never lie to me or about me.

There are those folks who are as necessary to me as food or air.  Each has unique gifts to bring to the table and it is a feast for the soul whenever we get together.  Some friends are newly acquired; others have been with me on my journey for decades.  There is no age barrier when it comes to friends.  I have friends in their eighties and in their forties, and even some teenagers.  Each friend is a most valued treasure in my gift-box of Life.

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