March 22, 2017

New to blogging, but feeling the urge to write and compose. The “Truth” will be only my own truth – not looking to convince, convert, or otherwise change anyone. You are all beautiful souls, just as you are.

The contents herein may take narrative prose, poetic, or hysterical hyperbole format – whatever comes to mind at the time of writing. Warning – the narratives of my own life experiences are, at times, so bizarre and out of the ordinary that they need no exaggeration.

I have no idea who is interested in such drivel, but I feel the need to get some of this down in writing. I’ll start with a poem.


Silence in the cool dawn mist, but for rhythm of paddle slipping in and out of the dark, flowing calm.
Vast, tilled fields of different hues, weaving the tapestry of Life’s landscape.
The waking forest bursts forth in song, punctuated by the splash of glistening forms, leaping to greet the day.
Thick trees, life-solid, harbor the chanterelle, the squirrel, the lark and the hawk
Clear water bubbling over smooth river rocks, as trickling rivulets snake down the enclosing cliffs.
Around each bend a new vision, new sensation: the Soul’s thrill, Peace of Being, anticipation of the next wonder.
A sudden hush as the red-gold head of Sol raises above the horizon, warming the world.
Nature’s Melody resumes, overwhelmed by the rushing rapids, relentlessly pushing towards the ultimate flight into the patiently waiting pool of belonging.
The River of my Life, where the sun warms the flesh and Love warms the heart.

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  1. Saw this link just now Mary on your Facebook page. I read the blog on your Mom’s funeral and had a good chuckle at the funeral guest’s comment about how you looked like your mother. I then remembered years ago your telling about the casket scam by the Montreal mob!

    Great blog!

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